This is where you can find answers to common questions.  If an answer to your question is not found below please fill out the Contact Us form.

What is your Cancellation policy?

Written notice through email must be provided to cancel registration from a JUNIOR STEM CLUB course. Unless otherwise stated in our materials, the following policy applies. If, for any reason, a JUNIOR STEM CLUB registrant cancels more than 48 hours prior to the course a full refund will be permitted.  If cancellation is 48 hours or less from the start of a course there will be no refund permitted.

Can I record one of your classes?

All JUNIOR STEM CLUB materials (including, but not limited to, recordings, pictures, course curriculum material, workshops, handouts, website content) are protected by copyright and may not be copied, duplicated, or distributed in any form, in whole or in part, without the express, written consent of JUNIOR STEM CLUB.  No video, photography or other forms of recording is permitted during any part of the JUNIOR STEM CLUB courses unless prior consent has been obtained.

What happens if the weather is too bad to get to class?

If the weather is very bad and class has to be cancelled you will be notified by email at least 1 hour prior to class start.  The cancelled class will be rescheduled for another week.

Will my email address be released to anyone?

At no time is your personal information shared with any 3rd party organizations. Personal registrant information collected for the purposes of course registration will only be shared with agents of JUNIOR STEM CLUB to be used for future program offerings.