Our Story

Junior STEM Club was born out of a desire to improve STEM education in Canada.  Co-founders Chris Melo and Lisa Evans recognized the importance of STEM in Canada and sought to find learning tools for their 2-year old son.  After experimenting with many learning tools, they found Rokenbok, a system of reusable materials designed to guide children from the age of 2 through each stage of their STEM journey, from simple building blocks to basic engineering and complex programmable robotics as they grow their skills.  When they introduced the system to Nancy Martins, an elementary school librarian who had recently built a maker space in her school’s library, Nancy fell in love with the system.  With a great teaching tool in hand, combined with a genuine passion for discovering and exploring new technologies and a dedication to teaching young children, we opened Junior STEM Club.

Junior STEM Club

Our Approach

Junior STEM Club provides hands-on opportunities to explore areas of science, technology, engineering and math.  We encourage a supportive, inquiry-based environment for STEM learning.  Through projects featuring robotics, engineering, computer coding and simple science experiments, kids are free to experiment, make mistakes and ask questions.